About Us

3C Vision is a local company which targets in both B2B and B2C market segments.

The main product which 3C Vision offers are eye-wears such as sun glasses, frames and contact lenses

Wholesale and internet online sales are 3C’s main focus. We procure sunglasses, frames and contact lenses globally, and resell them globally too.

Our business activity – B2C

Online shopping is very common nowadays. It’s convenient, easy and time saving. You do not have to deliberately travel to just to buy that 1 thing. Having said so, despite that Singapore is among one of fastest developing countries, yet we are still miles behind other countries such as US, European countries when it comes to purchasing sunglasses and glasses over the internet. In fact, most online sites that are made to cater to local people, are actually operated by overseas companies. There are not many of such sites that are operated locally.

Branded and reputable eye-wear are considered luxury items in Singapore. Beside the cost of products, high overhead cost is one of the main factor which attribute to the product’s inflatable cost.

Therefore, 3C Vision aims to reduce all these additional yet avoidable cost and offer affordable branded eye wear to consumers.

We hope we can also give assurance to our customers by having our company’s presence locally too.

Our business activity – B2B

We import contact lenses from overseas and locally. We will then repackage them in Singapore and re-export them out of Singapore. We export these reputable contact lenses to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and various European countries. We are also exploring in the feasibility of selling contact lenses locally in future too. Currently, this is currently restricted due to HSA rules and regulations.

Singapore also has a good geographical location which allows us to be able to work with overseas internet online companies by procuring the required lenses from Singapore and ship to their end customers from Singapore.